Developing Individual & Team Effectiveness – Group Workshop or 1-1 Exploration

The working environment can be highly complex & dynamic.

To influence high performance and sustainable business success we need to understand the elements that engage and motivate both the individual & the team – the people – and the connections & relationships between them.

Depending on the context and desired outcomes, one of 3 highly interactive, impactful approaches will be introduced to help teams to understand themselves at an individual & collective level to improve working relationships, develop better leaders, reduce the growing cost of conflict and ultimately build motivation and effectiveness.  Each approach can demonstrably enhance:

  • Leadership & management effectiveness
  • Engagement & motivation
  • Communication
  • Relationship building – internal & external
  • Managing conflict
  • Building resilience
  • Profile & reputation
  • Well-being
  • Retention
  • Accountability
  • Diversity

Harnessing one of 3 established psychometric tools as a catalyst to raise self awareness and understanding, these incredibly impactful and fun days provide the opportunity to learn about yourself and those you work alongside within a framework that describes differences in positive and constructive ways.

Through a series of interactive, enlightening exercises, participants will discover an individual’s preferences, strengths and challenges. They will also gain insight as to how others with different approaches, traits, motivations and behaviours may operate and can therefore work together in a complementary way.

Excellent for collective teams and to enhance trust and respect, managerial/leadership capability and understanding – shaped against the bespoke commercial or cultural context of each team/organisation.


Target Audience: All (especially impactful to intact Teams and Manager level & above)
Full Day Workshop
Capacity: 12 – 20 delegates


1-1 Exploration x 2.5 hrs
Capacity: 1-1

This can be used as a stand-alone awareness piece or as part of a traditional coaching programme.