Talent Management Consultancy

Depending on organisational need, conversations and initiatives can be shaped around encouraging a working environment that will inspire and facilitate great performance management alongside a culture that will allow individuals and teams to flourish.
I am able to work alongside key stakeholders to advise on an engaging, meaningful talent
development programme and have the great privilege of working alongside fantastic associates that can enhance and bring to life a wonderful fusion of skills and support.
Discussion themes can include:


Senior Leadership

  • Leadership Module Programme – Trust, Authenticity, Courageous Conversations

Women’s Retention & Recruitment

  • Leadership
  • Maternity Coaching
  • Women’s back to work return-ship
  • Direct partnership with Mumsnet
  • Direct partnership with The Parent Practice


  • Mindfulness
  • On-site GP and Health
  • Yoga
  • On-site Beauty; Reiki, Physiotherapy etc.
  • Employees Matter – extensive live, interactive webinars
  • Employee Assistance

Employee Engagement

  • Sunday Times Best 100 Companies
  • Mumsnet Family Friendly Accreditation
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