Creativity in Business – Art, Perspectives & Communication 

Creativity in Business

This energetic, creative and hands on workshop that takes a completely left field approach at looking how we might consider approaching communication – articulating and conveying a concept, an emotion, a vision, an idea, an action.

There is an exciting parallel between how art education looks at the way people read and interpret art – the emotions it elicits, the perceptions it creates – and the world of business and communication; how an audience interprets & engages with the values or positioning of a vision, a sale, an ethos.

When it works well, art education allows people the space to imagine possibilities and to gain confidence to make their ideas happen. It allows people the chance to put ideas out there, to test them, to re-think them and to stretch them. It allows a re-imagining of the world – a place to think outside of convention, break down boundaries and turn things on their heads.

On a personal level it’s about self-expression, discovery (discovering what we don’t know!) and about communicating or generating an emotion or experience for an audience.

Through a series of creative activities led by the team, this workshop will explore how participants can think about communicating ideas through the world of art in a truly different way that translates to our day to day communication and how key messages land in business.

For the budding artist in you, prepare to get your hands dirty and to come away with an action plan!!

09:30 – 16:30: 2 x Facilitators – In partnership with Q-Art
Full Day Workshop
Capacity: 14 delegates
Venue: London Art Studio, E.g. College of Fashion or Deptford X