Junior & Middle Management Support 

Creating a Mindful Leadership Journey – 1 x Full Day

At a time when the challenges of management are amplifying, roles are getting bigger & are swiftly evolving with the expectation of mastering relevant technical skill sets combined with the responsibility of developing and leading others in a dynamic, digital world. To impact further, the challenges emerging from the differing motivational nuances of a blended, generational workforce means that this will be the most transitional stage of a new manager’s career.

This 1 day workshop will look at the imperatives to develop an authentic, long standing leadership approach that will help give permission to influence in a mindful and highly effective way. The day will be brought to life through a series of discussions, activities, group work and individual reflection, covering the following core themes:

Mindful Managment

The day concludes with delegates creating an action plan that they will commit to implementing within the business (including identifying areas for further development consideration).

Motivating Your Team – 3 Hrs

This interactive workshop focuses on one of the most pivotal components that sit across all management pillars. Being at the heart of everything when working with and leading a group of
people, this session explores why motivation is so important alongside the benefits and challenges that can arise. Identifying the key areas which can influence positive change, the session include exercises and open group discussion.

Giving Motivating Appraisals – 3Hrs
We all need feedback. It is how we develop, grow and progress. However giving constructive and relevant feedback is not always an easy thing to do – it needs preparation and practice. This workshop reminds delegates of the value and importance of appraisals for all parties including how to prepare and plan for a meaningful appraisal meeting. This relaxed session encourages the participation of delegates to account personal experiences and offers key tips to consider when conducting an appraisal.

Managing Your Time & Understanding Delegation – 3 Hrs
This packed session focuses on many of the key areas that influence our relationships with time, our ability to manage workloads and the all-important art of delegating. Through a series of group discussion and exercises, delegates will consider not only where they can make changes to their own approach but also where they can guide those they manage by identifying common practices and behaviours that can influence these areas.

Target Audience: Junior to Middle Managers
Capacity: 12 – 14 delegates