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Enhancing Managerial/Leadership Capability & Effectiveness

The challenges of management & leadership are amplifying as the expectation of delivery grows with organisations striving for both efficiency & effectiveness – demanding relevant technical skill sets combined with the responsibility of developing and leading others in a dynamic, digital world. To impact further, the challenges emerging from the differing motivational nuances of a diverse workforce means that these represent significant career transitions.

Framed against an company’s cultural backdrop and considering either a full programme or individual modules, the following workshops look at the imperatives to develop an authentic, long standing leadership approach that will help give permission to influence in a mindful and highly effective way. Brought to life through a series of discussions, activities, group work and individual reflections, participants will incorporate personal scenarios and experiences alongside the creation of a bespoke action plan.

Bespoke workshops can also be created in response to specific management or leadership need.

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