Individual Coaching

At an Executive level personal development & growth becomes intrinsically linked to amplifying success, energy, resilience and fulfilment.

Investing the time to pause, reflect and consider the next stage for your career or effectiveness in your business and personal life, is one of the most valuable enablers we can invest in ourselves to maximise potential.

Coaching offers a trusted, independent and supportive (yet challenging!) perspective to help gain clarity, focus and empowerment connected to an opportunity or challenge being faced. To influence proactive, meaningful change against a backdrop that honours an individual’s strengths, resourcefulness & values.

Common themes include:

  • Developing Leadership skills and presence
  • Managing change/restructure
  • Increasing personal effectiveness
  • Influencing motivation and engagement (self and teams)
  • Approaching challenging conversations
  • Cultivating more effective relationships
  • Performance Management
  • Creating more of a work/life balance
  • Career development and succession planning
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Strengthening a high-performing team, etc.

Depending on need, we may look to introduce one of the following psychometric models to raise self awareness and understanding around the likes of personal values & motivations, behaviours, emotional intelligence, impact & influence, as appropriate to the partnership context.