The Art of Constructive Feedback

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As the business world moves at an unprecedented, evolutionary pace, it is critical to ensure that the residing talent moves forward with purpose, clarity and motivation to support the expected agility and growth.

We all need feedback. It is how we develop, grow and progress – it is an intrinsic part of everyday life.

For performance excellence to accelerate it is vital to engage in a meaningful, regular dialogue with your network and those that you lead and manage. The manner in which communication is framed can significantly shift performance by enhancing capability and motivation for the benefit of the individual, the wider team and the organisation.

It is one of the most pivotal requirements for employee engagement and is therefore an essential skill for managerial excellence.

This pacey, highly interactive workshop will look at the importance of constructive feedback alongside the considerations that allow individuals and businesses to flourish – ensuring that conversations are meaningful and facilitate demonstrable outcomes.

The session will help line managers to raise self-awareness, confidence and engagement in how to approach constructive, daily conversations so that trusted relationships can positively influence the many communicative considerations of managerial practice:

  • Connecting with our perception of giving feedback
  • Creating the conditions for feedback to ‘land’
    • Changing behaviour by connecting with your people
    • You as an authentic, trusted leader
  • What is constructive feedback?
  • How different people like to be acknowledged
  • The value of effective listening
  • Either
    • Approaching motivating appraisals


  • Introducing a coaching mind-set for leaders
  • Setting meaningful goals

The workshop will conclude with participants creating their own personal action plan. By recognising their individual strengths and challenges initiatives can be introduced to help improve practices and facilitate proactive conversations with their line reports and equally, their line managers.

Target Audience: New – Middle Line Managers
4 Hrs
Capacity: 10 – 12 delegates