FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation Behaviour)

FIRO-B is a personality technique (facilitated initially via an on-line questionnaire) that measures how you typically behave with other people and how you expect them to act towards you. Its interpretation can dramatically increase your understanding of behaviour in areas such as:

  • How you come across to others, and why this may not be the way you see yourself or the impression you want to make
  • How and why conflict develops between well-meaning people
  • How to understand your own needs and how to manage them as you interact with others

It identifies 3 areas of personal need – Inclusion; Control; Affection.

It goes on to measure each need across 2 further dimensions – Expressed and Wanted

Expressed Inclusion: How often do you act in ways that encourage your participation in situations?
Expressed Control: How often do you act in ways that help you direct or influence situations?
Wanted Inclusion: How much do you want to be part of others’ activities?
Wanted Control: How much leadership and influence do you want others to assume?
Wanted Affection: How much warmth and closeness do you want from others?

This is a 1:1 3 hour consultancy.
Both latter initiatives can be used as a stand-alone awareness piece or as part of a traditional coaching programme.